Dogs are always stressed at the Vet or at the groomers. They are experiencing things that are not done everyday. The lady herself said that her dog felt anxiety when going to the groomers. My dog doesn’t like being handled by anyone other than myself and now my spouse. I’ve known only one groomer who was a right fit for my dog for grooming and she worked with me at Petco. If i remember correctly the dryers are usually just natural air not heat (Though it’s been over three years so I can’t say for sure). When one takes an animals temperature it is internal temp, not external. If the body temp rose it was something going on with the body and its stress level. The one thing I remember is that those fans can be loud. The constant sound as well as being in the kennel drying may have caused the dog to stress out. In my opinion I’d suggest that any new pet parent ask the groomers about the process and see the steps taken (That also gives you a chance to read the grooming staff) so that you can have confidence in them handling your pup. If not, do what I do, pick one Sunday of each month and give your pup a bath yourself. If the pup brushing, take 15 minutes of your day and sit and brush your pup. It’s a great time to interact plus it helps get the oils spread to your pups fur for a better looking coat (Also prevents tangling of the fur) – wow, I just realized how much of my training and general reading I’ve retained.